Alexandra Road, St Georges Road and Hatfield Road, London W4

In the south east corner of Acton, now part of the London Borough of Ealing, there are a group of houses, built at the same time, early in the twentieth century, and apparently by the same builder, Joseph Hall, who at the time was living at 38 Blandford Road, Bedford Park. They form three roads, Alexandra and St Georges, which run parallel north to south, and Hatfield Road, which runs across the top of the other two, east to west. There are also a number of houses on the north side of Southfield Road, numbers 146-168, which run from Southfield Park to Rugby Road and are part of the same development.


The Acton Council minutes show that on 29 April 1903 a plan for 36 houses in Alexandra Road was put forward by J. Hall. It was "disapproved" at that meeting, but a similar application was improved in on 13 May 1903. In August and September 1903, and February 1904, further plans were approved for a total of 48 houses in Hatfield Road.

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The roads are bordered to the north by the line of the short-lived Hammersmith branch of the North and South West Junction Railway, to the west by Southfield Recreation ground, and to the east by Rugby Road, which appears, unnamed, on the Ordnance Survey map of 1894, and was declared a highway in 1903. Bedford Park, the first garden suburb, built in the 1870s, lies to the south, and the Uxbridge Road, one of the main western routes out of London, at this point known as The Vale, runs a little to the north.

For more information about the land before the houses were built see the Site history page.