The houses

The development consists of 117 houses in total, 37 in Alexandra Road, 21 in St Georges Road, 47 in Hatfield Road, and 12 in Southfield Road. The path.jpgSouthfield Road houses were built as two flats, but all the others are single houses, and all are easily identifiable by the identical pier mouldings on their square bay windows.
The houses in Alexandra Road and St Georges Road are typical long, L-shaped London terraces. Their elegantly-tiled front paths lead up to recessed porches lined to half height with glazed embossed tiles in a variety of Arts and Craft patterns. The passage has fine plasterwork mouldings in the cornices and on the supporting beam. Beside it is a front room with square bay window, plain moulded cornices and a stylish ceiling rose. The plasterwork is repeated in the room behind it, whose single sash window looks out onto the garden. A passageway beside the staircase leads to the back of the house. There are two cupboards under the stairs, one accessed from the passageway, the other full-height one, from the kitchen. The door from the hall originally led into a kitchen, with a window facing the house next door. Opening off it were a larder and a scullery, with a toilet opening off the scullery. The scullery had a back door to the garden, but these areas most are the most likely to have been remodelled and knocked through, so very few of the original layouts remain, though there is at least one.

Upstairs there are three double bedrooms, a bathroom and a separate toilet, and a linen cupboard on the landing. A trapdoor outside the bathroom door leads to the loft. All the rooms had fireplaces, those in the bedrooms cast iron, and picture rails. They would probably also have had dado rails. At much the same time, similar three-bedroomed houses in nearby Valetta Road and Agnes Road were selling for £325.

The Hatfield Road houses look the same as others from outside, but are, in fact, smaller. The staircase goes up sideways between the front room and the room behind, and there are only two bedrooms and a bathroom upstairs.

The Southfield hall.jpghouses were built as flats, with front doors side by side, behind wooden gabled porches with tiled roofs.